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Queen's Palace

Greatest Treasures

Treasure Room #3


Personal Information About Me


*   Work Information

*   Contact Information

*   Biographical Information

*   Personal Interests


Work Information

Job Title

Web Page Management

Key responsibilities

Upkeep and management of Southeastern Illinois College Bookstore’s website.  In addition to the normal upkeep I also fill and ship out orders from the web site.  New textbook data is uploaded daily. 

Department or workgroup

Southeastern Illinois College Bookstore


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address

Queen4's Palace

Office phone

618-252-5400 ext 2530


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Biographical Information

I am 35 years old, I have four children, and I am divorced.  At present I am attending Southeastern Illinois College pursuant of an associates degree in Computer Information Systems.  My anticipated graduation date is May of 2003.  My transcript is available upon request; just send an email to the above address.  I am interested in a career of developing WebPages.  I am an employee at Southeastern Illinois College Bookstore as well as being a student.  My main function there is the upkeep and management of      


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Personal Interests

*   I like to work with computers.  I am more into the software than the internal workings.

*   I enjoy working with web pages.  There is so much you can do with them.

*   I like to ride motorcycles and someday hope to own one of my own (freedom).

*  I like being outside a lot, especially during the summer.

*  Camping and fishing (nature is so relaxing)

*  I have a fair good size collection of dragons and oriental nick nacks.

*  I enjoy a good challenge.  It helps keep me on my toes.

*  I like to learn new things.  Knowledge is power.

*  I am also a member of a group called Displaced Homemakers.



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Last revised: April 25, 2002